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About Solace

Solace is a short, semi-autobiographical comic about life, videogames, and the impact they can have.

My name is Andy, and I’m what you’d call a very occasional videogame critic (known mostly for my freelance contributions at IGN AU and podcasting at Videogames have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

During early childhood, videogames captured my imagination. During my awkward teens they were a constant escape. Most importantly, in my twenties, they helped me through some pretty tough times. At my loneliest and most depressed, when I was sick to the back teeth of working in a job I hated, and when I had nothing else, videogames were often the only thing that brought me joy.

For years I wanted to try my hand at writing fiction, and Solace represents my first stab at that. I started small, following the idiom ‘write what you know’ to pen a short comic about how even the smallest pleasures in your life can help you at your lowest.

With that, Solace revolves around a character called Geoff, a twentysomething man working a 9-5 job that he absolutely hates. With nothing else going on but the repetition of existence, there is one escape that makes him happy. I think you can guess what that is.

Though I wrote Solace with videogames in mind, and the wonderful artwork by Ceren Gunes supports that, I purposely wrote it in a way it could work for any of the little things that might help folks through the hard times. Whatever they may be, I hope you have yours and treasure them.

I hope you enjoy the read.

About the creators


Andy Corrigan

Andy is a writer, occasional games critic, and podcaster based in Adelaide. He is usually found banging his head against a FromSoftware boss.


Ceren Gunes

Freelance artist being a giant nerd in Tokyo. If she’s not drawing, she’s certainly playing Final Fantasy XV.

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